WestJet Christmas Miracle – The Story

WestJet Christmas MiracleThis story about the WestJet Christmas Miracle has been making the rounds on the internet, but I hadn’t watched the video as I thought it was a commercial, not an actual event.  WestJet gets points for being very creative on this and putting quite a bit of work behind the scenes to pull it off!

The premise, while waiting to board a flight, the passengers talk to a virtual Santa and then think nothing more of it.  When they arrive at their destination, the gifts they asked for arrive on the baggage claim belt.  The video shows how they pulled this off.  The WestJet Employees worked hard and fast to accomplish this and they pulled it off.  Click Here to watch the video.

The reactions from the passengers, and the employees, are worth watching.

Oh, the Blooper Reel is also fun!  Best quote from the out-takes, “are you sure you don’t want a big screen TV?”

It you missed the earlier link to the Delta Air Lines Holiday Safety Video, it is also worth watching.

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